Top 10 Bollywood Bridal Entrance Songs

Bridal Entrance songs

What  are the top 10 Bollywood bridal entrance songs is a question we always encounter from brides to be.   One the most exciting part of an Indian wedding ceremony is the actual bridal entrance, so this  is not surprising!  Many brides would have thought about their Indian wedding day for  years and would have decided which song(s) they would like to be played however, some may not have thought about this at all.  Don’t worry if you are in the latter category, our resident music director is always on hand to help brides navigate the music chose available.

Song selection rules

The good news is that there is no hard and fast rule about which song must be played for the bridal entrance.  The song(s)  you chose  can be Gujarati Lagna Geets, Bollywood or Instrumental piece of music, it really is up to  each individual bride and their preference, remember it is your wedding day!  Some brides like to have a combination of songs or piece of music, one for the bridal party and one for the bride.

There are literally hundreds of pieces of music, songs and now covers songs to choose from, but try not to be phased with the amount choice, go with your heart, if it feels right for you then go for it!

Top 10 Bollywood Songs

Our resident music director has compiled a list of our top 10 Bollywood bridal entrance songs for Indian wedding song:

  1. Teri Ore
  2. Arziyaan ft Devangi Chopra
  3. Chaap Tilak
  4. Din Shagna
  5. Duniya
  6. Hasi Ban Gaye
  7. It’s Life
  8. Kaun Tujhe
  9. Raabta
  10. Saiyaan

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