How to choose an Asian wedding venue.

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Congratulations! You have found the partner of your dreams! Let the excitement of planning your big day begin… Where do you start, caterers, decorators, Asian wedding DJ, wedding venue, the list is long!

And it will be exciting but remember it can also be stressful. The most important aspect to consider first is the date and venue in addition to being true to yourself, have a budget and make sure it caters for Asian weddings!  So how do you choose a Asian Wedding Venue?

Venues, venues, venues! So many to choose from. So where do you start?

Talk to a specialist Asian wedding planner such as first. There are a valuable source of information and have many connections in the industry. Not only will they be able to narrow down the venues based on your requirements such as budget, capacity, catering needs, Wedding DJ etc but will be able to tell the pros and cons quickly so that you don’t encounter choice paralysis. Below are some tips from the Director at leading wedding planners Style Occasions ( provided:

  • Think about the theme you would like to create for you and your guests. Be it an outdoor wedding with natural elements as your backdrop or a more traditional ballroom wedding. Or are you an ultra modern couple that’s looking for something just that little bit more unique or further afield in another country?
  • Guests, guests, guests. The big question, how many to invite, where do you draw the line! Or more realistically how many do your parents want to invite! It’s an important factor. 250 seems to be the magic number, giving you lots of choice from hotels, golf course settings, mansion houses. Over this number and you are looking at large ball rooms, marquees, and community venues.
  • A small intimate wedding with just close friends and family will be memorable forever. On the other hand, you may wish to celebrate your big date with everyone you know. This challenging decision must be made. Guest numbers may also affect your budget as many venues and packages will be dependent on this.
  • This brings me very nicely onto the next consideration of budget. Remember your budget. If you blow your budget on the most lavish, expensive venue you may have to scale back on other aspects such as decor, photography, florals. You must consider what is a priority for you as a couple and split the budget accordingly. The high priority items should be allocated a larger budget. After all, you are not only creating a memorable experience for your guests but a lifetime‘s memory for you as a couple, the beginning of your life journey together as husband and wife.
  • Consider your guests’ experience, especially if you are going to be having a large number from overseas or travelling from afar. A venue near or connected a hotel would be ideal.
  • Another big aspect to look into is, what is included with the venue hire. Is it dry hire only where your source everything else yourself and the venue only provides tables and chairs? Or is it tied in with specific caterers and decor suppliers? Do you have a choice to use your own suppliers? All these options have pros and cons and will help you unpack this maze so that you can make an informed an decision as to the perfect venue for your big day.
  • Is the venue available on the auspicious date as advised by the Hindu Priest?
  • Many venues get booked up more than a year in advance. So you may have be flexible with your dates. If it’s the perfect venue, book it before another couple take your date! Check in with the priest to get those auspicious dates before you start the hunt.
  • Having the right Asian Wedding DJ is also a key factor, make sure you ask the venue if they have any sound restrictions and will the provide the necessary audio equipment. After you have narrowed down your choice of wedding venue always contact you Asian wedding DJ in case they are aware of other problems such as poor acoustics. No point having a fantastic venue when no one can hear the priest or your chosen bridal entrance song!
  • Lastly, but most importantly, does the venue you are considering allow naked flames? Remember, the Indian wedding ceremony needs you to walk round the fire and the last thing you want this all important time is for the fire alarms to be going off or the venue hindering the fire.

How to choose a Asian wedding venue is not easy and there are lots to think about, I know. But once the venue is chosen and booked you can begin looking at the other exciting aspects of your special day!

We hope you found the above useful and it helps you to choose a Asian Wedding venue you like. Good luck on this first step and wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together.

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