Do I Need a specialist Hindu Wedding DJ?

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Do I Need a  Specialist Hindu Wedding DJ?

A question we come across time and time again, “do I need a specialist Hindu Wedding DJ”?  The answer is simple, YES!  All will become clear why you should opt for a specialist DJ that is familiar with the Indian wedding ceremony rather than an evening reception DJ.  Please contact us at  should you wish to discuss any of the points below.

Wedding music is a key element of the Asian Wedding Ceremony and if overlooked you may not realise the dream wedding you had been anticipating.

Hindi Wedding Ceremony Order

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony has many elements and it is important the Asian Wedding DJ you select is familiar with the ceremony and is able to explain it to you.  As part of your wedding music consultation we will discuss with you the order of the ceremony as each priest has their own style and order.  We will also discuss any specific weddings songs you would like be that Bollywood, Gujarati (laagna geets), or instrumental wedding music.  As specialist Hindu Wedding DJs we are able to advise the music genres that would be pertinent for all parts of the Indian wedding ceremony including groom arrival, bridal entrance, kanyadaan, feras, vidaai etc.  See our for more details on each part of the wedding ceremony.


Wedding Music Playlist

No two playlist are the same!  Each one is tailored to specific requirements and preferences.  A combination of flute, tabla and santoor instrumentals are great when the priest is addressing your guests followed by impactful pieces of music to emphasise those key moments which would have been selected before the wedding day.  Creating the right ambiance is key together with providing your guests with a positive experience.


Priest Liaison

A vital part of our services is to liaise with the Hind wedding priest prior to your wedding day.   Every priest has a specific way of conducting the Indian wedding ceremony and requirements, a key element of our role is to understand these in detail.  As we also provide the sound equipment on the wedding day and control the music throughout the ceremony it is important that both the Hindu wedding priest and we are aligned with your vision hence we always contact the priest before the wedding and have a brief on the day too.  Most Hindu wedding priest prefer a headset, cordless or clip on microphone. We will work with your chosen wedding priest to ensure he has the mist suitable microphone.


On The Wedding Day

We arrive in plenty of time to setup and conduct the necessary sound checks.  Our positioning is important as we need to have clear line of sight into the mandap so that we can play your chosen music at the right time.  However, our setup is discreet and usually to the side, the idea is to be heard not seen!  Even after the ceremony has finished we will keep your guests entertained during group photos and lunch playing romantic/modern Bollywood/instrumental music.  Playing the ring game is normally followed by lunch, we will ensure to get your guests excited with upbeat music to ensure there is enough support for you to win the games!   The final part of the day is the vidaai or the departing ceremony.  This can take the form of a traditional or happy vidaai.  We will make the necessary announcements to ensure you have a memorable send off!


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