[span8][title_box title=”who we are” custom_class=”about-title”]wedding music [highlight]Music 4 Asian Weddings are specialist providers of background music for Indian wedding ceremonies.  Our music comprise of traditional Indian wedding  music (lagna geet) that we have created, shehnai, instrumental music, such a harp flute and tabla as well as modern bollywood music.

Our team are there with you from the start to the end of the wedding, meticulously planning the playlist to create the right ambiance for your Indian wedding.

We will coordinate the music such that it compliments the priest & the Hindu wedding ceremony  and as specialist providers of Indian wedding background music for silent weddings we will liaise closely with your chosen priest so contact us today.




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[five_sixth][title_box title=”Specialist in silent weddings” custom_class=”column-title”]As specialists in providing background music for silent Indian wedding ceremonies we work with your chosen priest to deliver a truly magnificent music experience for your guests.[/five_sixth]
[five_sixth][title_box title=”Consultations” custom_class=”column-title”]We provide unlimited consultations so that we can ensure your music is tailored to your specific requirements.[/five_sixth]
[five_sixth][title_box title=”Hindu Ceremony” custom_class=”column-title”]As specialist providers of background music in Hindu Wedding ceremonies we are well versed in this area and can advise the type of music that will be suited to your wedding, be that traditional lagna geet, shennai, instrumental, bollywood or folk songs (fatanas). [/five_sixth]
[five_sixth][title_box title=”Equipment” custom_class=”column-title”]We use the latest digital technology to ensure we deliver good quality sound.  We provide a special microphone for the priest & one for making announcements.[/five_sixth]
[/row_in][hr][title_box title=”Music Tips” custom_class=”service-title”] Selecting the right Indian wedding DJ for your Hindu wedding Ceremony is one of the key aspects of your wedding and one that your guests will remember.  Therefor below are some helpful pointers in selecting the right Indian wedding DJ for your special wedding day:

  • Ensure the  DJ has a wide selection music
  • They are are fully aware of the Hindu Ceremony
  • They liaise with the priest
  • Ensure they know the venue and sound limitations


  • Listen to the DJ’s music collection
  • Ensure the music is complimentary to all rituals being performed
  • Does the DJ have the experience to read your guests
  • Ensure the DJ listens to your requirements, remember its your day!

[/span8][span4][title_box title=”some kind words” custom_class=”quote-title”] [recenttesti num=”2″ thumb=”false” excerpt_count=”42″][spacer][hr][title_box title=”Our Philosophy ” custom_class=”philosophy-title”][highlight] To create an enchanting ambiance for your special Hindu wedding.[/highlight] Our approach is to fully understand what musical experience you would like your guests to have & then delivery it in a harmonious manner. [/span4]